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Calling Card

What is Cards Service
A calling card is a certificate that a user to get from a telecom operator after paying some money in advance and with that the user has the right to enjoy the telephone service in a given time period. the card telephone service is a kind of tlephone service that a user enjoys with this kind of card. for the time being, telephone cards issued by CHINA TELECOM and its subsidiaries include:IC Calling Card,300 Calling Card, 200 Calling Card, 201 Calling Card, IP Calling Card, Value Rechargeable Card and Prepaid Card. These cards can also be categorized by different telephone terminals which can accept the card, the usable range and the nature of the card.


According to the terminal,the cards can be categorized by billing card per password and IC card.


According to the usable range, the cards can be categorized by nationwide usable, province-wide usable and local usable cards.

For example:

17901 all-round calling
This is a calling party direct dialing service through the number "17901" based on the nationwide intelligent network resources and is charged through the telephone card (The value of it can be added at any time when necessary.) or through bundle charge to fixed-line telephones sets. At the initial stage, the service is mainly open to the said card holding users.

Inner-Provincial Calling Party Direct Dialing IP Telephone Service

The IP telephone service means the real-time transmitted basic voice service with that the long-distance part of the voice signal is processed by a high-efficient compression algorithm and then transmitted in the Internet network by using the TCP/IP protocol.

The 17909 Inner-Provincial Calling Party Direct Dialing IP Telephone Service means a long-distance telephone service that is provided in a provincial region and with that the calling party indicates his/her own capacity and the telecom operator charges the call according to the indicated calling number.

I. Service features

Cost effective.


Intelligent modules can be conveniently integrated so as to benefit development of various value-added services.


Open structural hierarchy is helpful to standardization of equipment from different manufacturers and interconnection among different kinds of equipment.


The weakness is that the conversation quality is not as good as that of the ordinary long-distance call service and there is some delay with the voice.


A fixed-line subscriber can decide at his/her disposal whether the long-distance function with this service needs to be provided.

II. Service positioning

This service is applicable to various kinds of telephone subscribers who have the long-distance telephone call requirement.


Access code


The access code for the Inner-Provincial direct Dialing IP Telephone service is 17909.


Applications of the service


Place a call to a fixed-line telephone set in a place other than the place where the calling party is located: 17909 0 area the number of the called party.


Place a call to a mobile telephone set in a place other than the place where the calling party is located: 17909 0 area the number of the mobile set of the called party.

300 - Intelligence network


Service description


CHINA TELECOM issues a 300 calling card that is an encrypted billing card. With this card, nationwide roaming telephone service can be realized in the backbone intelligent network. The dialing sequence is access code 300, card number, password, and (after authentication) the number of the called party. After the call, the charge is deducted from the deposit in the card by the exchange system.


Service features


All the charge is deducted from the calling card's deposit and no additional charge is imposed on the calling party.


The card can be used nationwide with any dual-tone multi-frequency phone set, IC card phone set and mobile phone set.


After buying the card, a user is only required to bear in mind the card number, password and is not required to always bring the card with him/her.

It is much appropriate to people who are often in inter-provincial mobility.

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